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Our Mission

Ulection seeks to modernize the electoral process by creating a political social network to connect politicians with their constituents. Every candidate will have an even playing field to win citizen support regardless of how much money they spend on their campaigns. This will also increase civic engagement and allow citizens to educate themselves about each candidate and the issues they care about.  

Americans who want an unbiased review of candidates can utilize our service before making decisions about who to vote for. Ultimately, we want Ulection to be the future of campaigning. 

Politicians who use Ulection to engage voters will reduce, and ultimately eliminate the need for extensive campaign fundraising. Politicians will be elected, not by name recognition, but by their ability to represent the American People. True democracy at its purist.

Our Company

Our website launched on May 11, 2016. Since then, we have been focused on shaping our company, building our team, and designing our strategy to grow our network. Our mission is everything to us, so we want to make sure we do this the right way.

We are still in the beginning stages, but we have a clear vision about the direction of the company. We admire the paradigm of conscious capitalism, and we plan to incorporate it into every aspect of our company. From our culture and values, to our leadership, to our duty towards a better society, we plan to do the right thing on all fronts. It’s imperative that our company’s internal dynamic emulates our external mission.

From the beginning, we plan to run our company with complete transparency. Our top objective is to get the influence of money out of politics, so it is important that we show that we stick to our values and do not allow any outside entities to influence our own agenda. We want to remain objective and unbiased, and we want to earn our users’ confidence and trust.

Values which are synonymous with our company include: courageousness, determination, passion, responsibility, and revolutionary. We also hold ourselves to a high eco-friendly standard.

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