Berniecrats of California -
Our mission is to move California in a Progressive direction using a bottom-up, grassroots, approach by providing the tools necessary for grassroots activists and candidates to amplify and grow their presence in their communities and across the state.
To accomplish this, we will activate our network of 300+ organizers, activists, delegates and candidates. This network is currently active and up and running however it is lacking the appropriate tools to optimize and amplify our capabilities.
We are looking to partner with developers to build a portal that will help us a) develop leaders b) engage the community and c) optimize databases. Merging our Grassroots resources and know-how with state of the art technology will provide us with a weapon that will neutralize big money in politics as we will be better suited to target voters with relevant messaging.
The portal will fully integrate the voter file with all forms of communication including: texting, phone banking, petition, and emailing. It will also have back-end integration with social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Doing so will provide us the ability to have a richer database and can run analytics on the voters that will allow us to more effectively communicate to them in an effective and relevant fashion.
About Berniecrats of California:
Berniecrats of California formed in late 2016 to organize around the California ADEM elections that took place in January 2017. We partnered with Our Revolution, the Courage Campaign and Progressive Slate in California to take over 60% of the 1,100 seats!
Today we have 300+ members across the California including Activists, Delegates, Politicians and Organizers. Members must demonstrate and push for progressive values to be included. These members all currently organize in a semi-autonomous manner that is relevant to their local communities needs however at a state level we strategize on how best to pool resources and work in cohesion.
More recently the Berniecrats came together with other activist organizations in protesting President Trumps Travel Ban at LAX where over 3,000 people came out to shut down the airport.
Berniecrats of California is a 501 (c)(3) and Berniecrats of California Development Fund is the affiliate 501 (c)(4). We are also an Official Affiliate of Our Revolution.
Our board includes DNC and PDA members as well as social media gurus and founding members of national political activist organizations.


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