Ulection is connecting people with their communities and government and adding substance to our political process and social media. We want to modernize the way that campaigns connect with voters and we want to give people the tools they need to share information and events directly to the locations in which they live. People want their candidates and elected officials to discuss the issues, and Ulection provides the tools for these discussions to take place in a modernized and efficient way. With Ulection, voters will be more engaged and able to cast informed votes, elected officials will be better able to gauge public opinion and create better policy, and communities will be able to connect and come together through the sharing of community information and events.

How Ulection works:

1) Candidates, elected officials, and citizens can target their posts directly to their city, county, state, college campus, or followers.
2) Every post is tagged to a topic. Posts can be issues, interviews, speeches, polls, and events. This creates a profile which showcases all of the topics you have posted on. People can view your profile, sort through your topics, and quickly learn where you stand on the issues.
3) Candidates and officials who sign up are organized in to their respective location, office, and election so they are accessible and easy to discover. Simply enter your location information and have access to candidates, officials, posts, and events.
4) You can join a candidate’s campaign. Ulection connects campaigns with volunteers, media, and venues.
5) You can view the demographics of those who rate your posts so you can learn how your views are perceived throughout your community. (feature coming soon)
6) Political and social organizations have a dedicated space to spread their message and connect with socially conscious people. (feature coming soon)
7) If candidates used Ulection to engage voters, it would reduce the need for extensive campaign fund raising and promote more equity among those seeking elected office. Ulection is the future of campaigning by making it easier and more cost-effective to reach voters.
8) Millennials need an engaging social platform that helps them to get informed and connect with politics. All voters need a fair and balanced platform to engage with candidates and elected officials.

About Us:

We began creating Ulection in September of 2015 after we were discouraged by the lack of information on the candidates in our state and local elections. Interviewing my friends and neighbors it became apparent that the flyers, commercials, pamphlets, and yard signs were not sufficient for us to be well-informed voters. Furthermore, there was an overall consensus that people felt disconnected from their government as they did not know what policies they were creating. We created Ulection to solve these problems by giving candidates a modernized platform to share their views and connect with voters, elected officials a platform to share updates and gauge public opinion, and communities a platform to share information and events. Ulection launched on May 11th, 2016. We have many ideas for innovative features we would like to add. Come grow with us!