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Jackie Traynere

Business owner, Union Organizer and community leader, I have live in Bolingbrook most of my life. I am very interested in a government that helps community members be successful. i have always been a cheerleader for the underdog. I have been serving on the Will County Board since 2008, and hope to win re-election this fall for a 2 year term. We have moved forward on infrastructure improvements during my time on the board. Soon we will have a new Sheriff Facility and Courthouse, we have done this without raising the tax levy in any noticeable way. I am concerned about the financial future of our community but also the health and well being of its most vulnerable citizens. <br /> <br /> I have invested in myself since being elected and have worked hard to educate myself on issues and the process of County government. I also do a monthly emailed newsletter to residents of the district who sign up to learn about our community. I have hosted a number of community events on topics of interest, healthcare, teacher pensions and County infrastructure projects along with the Weber Road interchange and I-55. i will continue to be an outspoken advocate for our community if re-elected.