Jason Lee Jones


I am a rural farm-raised Georgia native, having lived in San Francisco my entire adult life. I have spent that time mostly struggling to get by, often a wage earner, with occasional contract jobs in web-related things (mostly, I suspect, a result of industry proximity). The first of my family to complete college, I studied economics and political science at CCSF and SF State, though nothing specific came of that (aside from debt). I have volunteered with campaigns and causes throughout my life - the first being while still in middle school for Georgia's then Commissioner of Agriculture. My first campaign in San Francisco, while still a teen, was for Proposition 215 (though I am allergic to the key ingredient of marijuana and thus abstain), and in most election cycles I try to volunteer with at least one or another campaign or cause. While I strongly subscribe to the Socratic view that the only thing I know is that I know nothing, I do have my moral compass and personal convictions. I hope to help people as their advocate, representing the myriad views of a diverse district. I have the patience and passion to engage constituents, responsively addressing their needs and concerns. I am committed to no program nor indebted to any established interests - a political free agent. I am a wage earner, tethered to a time clock, living in a sea of dealers, addicts & encampments, and, barring any change, knowing my days in San Francisco are likely numbered. I am flawed and little of me can be called ideal, but I like to think I'm a kind, intelligent, and humble person. The Board already includes several lawyers, and former legislative aides and professional activists. Perhaps my struggling perspective alone may have some merit.