John Renison


Born and raised in California, I understand the value of hard work. I am raising my family in San Diego because it is the greatest city in the world. At an early age, I joined my family owned small business and under my leadership, we have created many jobs for our community and strongly believe that government should aid innovation and advancement, not stifle it.<br /> <br /> My experience in the on demand economy sector with the creation of my startup has helped me understand the needs of San Diego’s economy first hand. I know how to run a business and how to adapt to an ever changing world. I can lead our area the same way I have led my business, with common sense practices and real world ideas. Recently I was Discover San Diego Kick Ass Entrepreneur of the Month and have been an TEDX inspirational speaker on entrepreneurship. <br /> <br /> Working to break Sacramento gridlock<br /> <br /> I understand what it will take to have California ready for the 21st century. I know how to work around the clock to achieve real results and not be another in a long line of ineffective Sacramento politicians that are there to please special interests. I will dedicate my time and energy to making San Diego safe and successful. Most of all, I want to make sure that we have a fantastic place for my family and yours.<br />