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Jordan Ulery

Former State House, New Hampshire District 37 2017-2019

Republican Party

Before entering citizen politics in New Hampshire I worked as an insurance investigator uncovering fraud. Prior to that I was a paramedic working with the VA system in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and supporting the City of Boston EMS efforts. I operate a small private investigative service now doing service of process and FDCPA work. In Concord I have worked in the Criminal Justice Committee and more frequently in Ways and Means. I have served on the Joint Legislative Ethic Committee. At the County level I was elected in a bipartisan vote to the Executive Committee of Hillsborough County which has oversight of the budget for the State's largest County. I was successful in re-establishing New Hampshire as a requestor of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution and work with other legislators across the nation to make this a reality. In Committee I have very often been successful in getting even some of the most liberal "Tax & Spend" legislators to agree with cutting taxes and growing out economy.