Redeem G. Robinson


Hello my name is Redeem Robinson and I'm a community activist and organizer running for State Senate in your district, Legislative District 30. Growing up as a child I experienced struggling for myself. My mother cleaned hospitals at night and had to raise me by herself after my father passed away from cancer. Dinner for me on occasions was a one simple hamburger from McDonalds. I currently reside in an area here in Phoenix where we have a homeless crisis, we have people on the streets who need mental health resources, people who are on drugs and where sex trafficking is an issue. Im ready to serve and fight for the people of our great state that are struggling just like me by running for Arizona State Senate. I believe the best one to fight for low income families is one who knows the struggle very well. After being an active activist and organizer I'm ready to bring my fight from the streets and fight from the Senate. I believe that by dismantling and fighting against barriers that are blocking different communities and the poor from being successful, from the inside of our legislature, we can win and when we win, Arizona wins!