Thorton Ridder


Thorton has been an environmental and social proponent his whole life. Much of his base foundation was molded in his early years, especially in the Boy Scouts were he attained the rank of Eagle Scout. Thorton was also awarded a good citizenship award in grade school. He took this love for the environment to college where he graduated from SUNY Maritime College with a B.S. in Marine Environmental Science with concentrations in Meteorology and Oceanography. Thorton progressed his education in 2006 with his MBA in Global Management. His professional career as an officer in the US Merchant Marine has taken him all over the world. These travels helped refine his worldview and have allowed him to see how other countries have acknowledged and solved some of the greatest issues of our time.<br /> <br /> “I am a Green because I am sick of corporate America running our elections. I am running as a Green, because it is the only party that matches up with my moral fiber. We are for the protection of the environment, the equality of everyone in our society and to have a government free of corporate jurisdiction.” –Thorton Ridder