Affordable Housing Bill in California - Contact Your State Assembly Member and Ask Them to Vote "Aye" on SB 1069

Posted 3 years ago

Thank you for your help moving SB 1069 through the Capitol. We are headed to the Assembly Floor next week. Will you help us increase access to affordable housing in the Golden State?

It is well known that California has an urgent need for housing options that are affordable and accessible - particularly for our growing aging community. We also know that supply is simply not keeping up with demand.

Senator Wieckowski and the Bay Area Council have come up with an innovative approach to assist our communities with providing affordable housing for low and middle income families.

SB 1069 simplifies the process of building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) - also known as ‘granny flats’ – by easing regulatory burdens like providing exceptions to parking requirements, lowering the cost for utility connection fees and eliminating sprinkler requirements if the main housing structure did not have that requirement when built.

We need you to act today! Please contact your state Assembly Member and ask them to vote “AYE” on SB 1069 to ease barriers to building ADU’s and increase the availability of affordable housing in California.


Christina Clem
AARP California

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