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Posted 2 years ago

Often, the candidate pool in San Francisco is filled with lawyers, professional activists, and former legislative aides (some hitting the trifecta). Nothing here is, by itself, particularly problematic. However, this cohort represents the bulk of the current Board along with most candidates throughout the City seeking election. For a representative democracy — and I'm only spit-balling here — maybe this group is a wee bit over-sampled? Additionally, some of these folks, owing to roles within political organizations, the trajectory of political careers, or simply convention, are committed to dogma or established interests. Though all is rather conventional, perhaps it may be worth considering a view completely outside this paradigm? Though having my worldview and moral compass, I am not personally committed to conventional wisdom or established interests. If it doesn't work, moving off the plan neither hurts my resume nor undermines groups for whom I'm beholden. I am open to hear and consider new approaches, regardless of the source. I am eager to sit down with constituents, stakeholders, and experts to better understand the myriad ways we may better address perennially vexing issues. My background ensures only an empathetic heart, with an eye trained toward those marginalized, struggling, or at the bottom. Nevertheless, there is no issue or concern I will approach as a public official without first seeking broad & diverse consultation from individuals including constituents, stakeholders, and policy experts, and for every issue I may pontificate upon, if not directly noting this, it is implicit.

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