Big Oil, Big Tobacco, WalMart provide funding for Republican Mayor Faulconer in San Diego race

Posted 4 years ago

PLEASE SHARE: One month before the June 7th Primary Election in San Diego, it's becoming clear what kind of Mayor Kevin Faulconer really is: a traditional Republican with traditional GOP values and traditional conservative funding behind him as he prepared to run for Governor of California.

Faulconer is attracting millions of dollars of support for his election from the most conservative interests around the country, including frackers, Big Oil and Big Tobacco.

In contrast, Lori Saldaña is supported by small contributions from hundreds of San Diegans.

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Faulconer is being rewarded for his veto of a Minimum Wage Increase, and is now receiving money from Walmart- a company that pays low wages, encourages employees to apply for public assistance, and contributes to poverty, driving people out of the housing market in San Diego and elsewhere.

As a State Assemblywoman, Lori Saldaña voted to INCREASE the California minimum wage and help millions of state residents earn more money to support their families.

While Faulconer continues to ignore San Diego's increased homelessness, violent crime and sexual assaults and is losing police officers at a record rate, Lori Saldaña championed affordable housing, safer communities and tougher gun safety laws in the State Legislature, earning the support of law enforcement state-wide.

Consider the contradictions between Faulconer's track record and his contributors:

He was elected in 2014 following a sexual harassment scandal, yet refuses to request federal funds to end the growing backlog of over 2800 untested sexual assault evidence kits in #SDPD police storage.

He signed off on a "historic" Climate Action Plan, developed by others, and now receives thousands in campaign contributions from big oil and fracking interests.

In his "State of the City" address in January he pledged to find funding to house homeless veterans, then places $57,000 worth of rocks in areas where they sleep to drive them away from downtown and into adjacent neighborhoods.

Then there's his tobacco industry support: would you like some cancer to go with those greenhouse gasses?

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As we approach June 7th, it becomes clear: Kevin Faulconer is a classic Republican who will continue to support low wages, high housing costs and drive more people into homelessness.

There is nothing this Republican Mayor will not do or say to hide his actions, counting on using a "smokescreen" of advertisements paid for by polluters, tobacco interests and other Republican contributors.

Faulconer is trying desperately to "rebrand" himself with money from the nation's biggest and richest polluters.

So get ready California: if we don't expose this "Republican-Lite" candidate on June 7th, and force him into a November run-off, he'll be collecting more of this dirty money from around the nation and running for Governor this summer.

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