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Today, thanks to efforts of those preceding me, City College of San Francisco is now free for residents. I would like to see those owing a debt having it forgiven, and explore applying this model to those graduating from San Francisco high schools attending San Francisco State University. The principal aim is ensuring a path for our residents to achieve the ideal first laid down by Thomas Jefferson — building a natural aristocracy. I agree with Jefferson that costs should limit none, with only acumen taking one as far as they can go. Costs are not just those of tuition and books. With educational opportunity opened through university, our younger students may better plan pathways to ensure meaningful achievement of their career goals.

On a personal note, I had a five year relationship — and we lived together — with the mother of five children, ranging from toddler to teen, allowing me at least to joke I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Parenthood. While unfamiliar with each individual school, I generally reject the often made argument our schools are terrible. However, I do recognize our need for more schools and helping to improve those we currently have. I further appreciate the desperate need to improve the quality of life and living standards of our educators. These are issues demanding my attention, and in consultation with stakeholders and experts, I will work toward addressing them and related matters.

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