Fighting For Reliable, Safe, Expanded Public Transportation

Posted 3 years ago

An efficient and fully-funded transportation system - particularly public transportation, high speed rail, a comprehensive bike network, walkable neighborhoods, and well-maintained roads - is essential to our region's economy, environment, and quality of life. Scott Wiener is a leading transportation advocate in San Francisco and regionally and will fight hard for sustainable transportation policies and funding in the State Senate. Scott particularly fights for better investment in public transportation - including Muni, BART, and Caltrain - and expanding our transit systems' capacity and reliability.

Better transit is personal for Scott, who has been a daily Muni rider for nearly 20 years and relies on transit as his primary way of getting around. Scott won the San Francisco Transit Riders' 22-Day Muni Challenge for elected officials, riding Muni 106 times in 22 days.

Scott was named “Most Active Transportation Reformer,” and the San Francisco Chronicle has stated that Scott “has made a mission of getting Muni on track.” Scott authored Proposition B, which ties transit funding to population growth and authored legislation to ensure that developers pay transit impact fees to take into account the transportation impacts of their projects. He authored legislation to create a subway master plan and wrote a widely circulated piece entitled "San Francisco Should Always Have a Subway Under Construction." Scott authored legislation to require a late night transit plan and helped put that plan together and begin implementing it. He authored legislation to make it easier to provide car sharing and played a key role in creating the Bay Area's bike share system. Scott is a leader in the effort to improve bike infrastructure, including protected bike lanes and works to create safer street design for all users, including pedestrians and cyclists. On a regional level, Scott is helping move forward the effort to plan for and fund a second Transbay tube for BART (including 24 hour BART service) and future high speed rail service, and he helped negotiate a regional agreement to ensure that high speed rail extends to the Transbay Transit Center in downtown San Francisco.

Scott serves as Chair of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, as a commissioner on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (the Bay Area’s regional transportation planning and funding agency), and as a member of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation Board of Directors. Scott works with leaders around the region to improve regional connectivity.

Scott believes that being a "transit first" city doesn't mean torturing people out of their cars. Rather, it means giving people so many great choices about how to get around, that for people who want to give up their cars or simply drive less, they have that option. Many people will always need to drive, whether for work, kids, or other reasons. But, many people who currently drive would drive less or not at all if they had better, more reliable options. Our job is to provide those improved options.

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