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Improving Housing Affordability For All Residents

Posted 3 years ago

Scott Wiener is a leader on housing policy and works to reform San Francisco’s approach to housing and ensure that we have enough housing for our growing population and enough affordable housing. Scott's tenacity on housing reform has been publicly recognized, and Scott authored a widely disseminated piece on Medium arguing that more housing will help stabilize housing prices. Reforming our approach to housing creation and housing affordability is a key priority for Scott. Our city and region are growing and will continue to grow, and we need local and regional solutions to address our housing shortage and escalating housing costs.

Addressing our housing crisis requires a clear-eyed commitment to three approaches – encouraging smart approaches to increased housing creation, building more affordable housing more quickly, and ensuring housing stability for existing residents. For years in San Francisco, our housing creation has failed to keep pace with population growth, we've put unnecessary restrictions on the kinds of housing that can be built, and we've made it way too hard and time-consuming to build affordable housing. These choices have driven rents and home prices to astronomical levels, as well as fueling displacement and evictions. We need to think differently about housing, and Scott works hard to do just that. We also need to do more to stabilize people in their housing during these challenging times, and keeping people in their housing is a priority for Scott.

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