John Oliver Discusses Political Fundraising

Posted 4 years ago

In this video John Oliver explains that politicians can spend up to two-thirds of their day fundraising. This money is needed during election season so they can promote and spread their message. With Ulection, all candidates now have an equal platform to spread their message and engage with their constituency. If candidates and citizens take advantage of the tools offered by Ulection, then elections will be less dependent on money and more dependent on ideas. Ulection brings elections back to you, the people.

Digging deeper, Ulection offers tools for elected officials to interact directly with their constituency. Public opinion can be gauged through our analytical tools, and better policy can be created as a result. It is very idealistic, but if people decide to take time each day to write about the issues that are important to their community and provide feedback to their candidates & officials, then ideas can be spread that shape communities. The tools are now there for people to come together to shape the best future for themselves and their community. Be engaged & informed.

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