Lori Saldaña Outlines Top Mayoral Priorities

Posted 4 years ago

Lori Saldaña Outlines Top Mayoral Priorities

Lori's Top Priorities as Mayor of San Diego posted on

Many of Lori’s priorities will be based on her successful legislative experience. She authored and co-authored numerous bills, from Marriage Equality to Energy Efficiency.
She earned awards from a variety of organizations, representing education, workforce development, affordable housing, working families, environmental, women's health, civil rights, small business and other issues. They were impressed by Lori's leadership on these issues, and know she will continue the work she began as a legislator and do more in San Diego, including:

Use state & federal funds to develop more affordable housing

Preserve and renovate existing affordable housing before replacing it with new housing

Create a "housing first" policy for the city to get people out of homelessness and into a home.

Work with the County of San Diego to develop a plan to spend some of their nearly $180 million reserve intended to provide mental healthcare services to people in need.

Establish a Community Choice Aggregation program to provide clean, affordable and locally generated energy.

Improve public safety, and support law enforcement officers and dispatchers, using funding from federal grants and state programs.

Continue to partner with Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs to enact policies in support of active duty military members, veterans and their families.

Advocate for programs to support working families who are struggling in San Diego's high cost housing market and can't afford basic necessities at times.

Hire additional urban foresters and arborists, to ensure current city trees are professionally maintained, and more are planted, as part of the Climate Action Plan

Review, update and strengthen implementation strategies for Climate Action Plan and the "Blue Water" Reclamation program.

Lori invites you to share your ideas for what is needed in San Diego.

What are your priorities and suggestions for additional programs that need attention in San Diego when Lori is Mayor?

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