March for Democracy (Las Vegas Sister March)

Posted 2 years ago

Starts 10/07/2017 11:00 AM

Location University of Nevada, Las Vegas

March for Democracy (Las Vegas Sister March)

The March for Democracy is a broad, diverse, inclusive, and nonpartisan coalition of individuals, groups, and organizations who celebrate active citizenship. When we are more active, informed, and involved in local, regional, national, and global politics, we are active citizens and dedicated to the state of democracy itself.

Active citizens will not retreat into their private and professional lives while our government and political campaigns are polluted by shameful attempts to disproportionately influence and benefit from public resources, policies, and practices beyond the one-vote principle. Before we know it, political mudslinging will reach a feverous pitch as 2018 looms. Do we want government officials who are party-line ideologues, or do we want government officials to identify themselves as public servants and listen to their constituents, regardless of party? Let us choose the latter and March for Democracy.

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The March for Democracy sister march in Las Vegas will start at UNLV at 11 am and end at 12 pm. From there, we will march onto the Las Vegas Strip. As soon as our permit is approved for UNLV, we will announce the march route.

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