Sane Progressive Loses Her Mind Justice Democrats

Posted 3 years ago

Discussing how the sane progressive is causing division to the progressive movement by trying to discredit the justice democrats. How we as progressives will never further our agenda if we don't support each other. The justice democrats are an organization who are trying to run progressives candidates against corporate democrats.trying to discredit the justice democrats even though you believe in the policies is just wrong. There is one thing to give your concerns on the justices democrats there is another thing to tell people not to support them. Sane progressive has lost her way and should start realizing what she is doing. sane progressive is trying to say that just because the justice democrats didn't touch on the election fraud in the 2016 election that you should not support the justice democrats.Sane progressive is becoming a detriment to the progressive cause and is becoming dangerous to our movement. sane progressive is trying to suggest that the justice democrats are backed by the democratic party with no proof. Sane progressive is now someone that can not be trusted to by progressives

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