Separation of church and state?

Posted 3 years ago

Because the Bill of Rights provides for religious freedom, there must indeed be a separation of church and state… to a certain extent. Meaning, any public institution should not force any individual to practice or adhere to any specifically religious item; however, the same institutions should also not prohibit any individual from doing the same. For example, an atheist child should not have to pledge “one nation under God”; but a Christian child should be able to wear a Christmas sweater to school.

It also comes down to basic values as well. If a courthouse has a biblical quote on a wall, there is no harm in it as long as it is about a generally good value, such as one that the law already supports. For example, while the Ten Commandments are Judeo-Christian, the commandment against killing supports the laws against murder.

What about Islam?

Islam is no different. Freedom of religion still applies. The terrorist groups that give Muslims a bad rep are not representative of Islam in general. For those Christians who do not understand, look at it this way: do the abhorrent actions of Westboro Baptist represent all Christians? No. Just like Christianity, Islam has many different sects and factions, some of which warp the basic tenets of the religion to their corrupt beliefs.

Also, did you know that “Allah” is just the Arabic word for “God?”

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