Share your vision, your campaign for a better nation on

Posted 3 years ago

Share your vision, your campaign for a better nation on

Greetings! Someone mentioned this in a FB comment... testing this platform out... I like it! It's amazing how so many shared ideas are rising up right now. Feels like some pent up demand is breaking through the seams--thrilling!

I'd like to share the work I'm doing to help your work:

What's the big idea here? YOURS. This is an idea to hear ideas, to work together and get a few checkboxes off our list. I think one of the first is having real democracy. Democracy where citizens are responsible for our density. Ok, that's a big one. How about... Climate change! Hmm... that's, also a somewhat big challenge.

To kick this off, everyone is invited to have a voice on this platform in the makings. To start I want to focus my outreach now on those who are running for office: you can (very easily) create a page to run on the site, and the Elections section (to be in progress forever, really). Have a few candidates up now, but my vision... is to have everyone involved in this effort.

This is a plan to create a community vision -- a physical manifestation of this idea for a future we want. I think this can be very powerful. Empowering.

But let me know what you think. Thank you!

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