TYT vs Justice Democrats

Posted 3 years ago

Discussing how the young turks or tyt is a news organization that can be trusted by the progressive movement. How even though some progressives do not trust tyt or the young turks for some hosts supporting Hillary Clinton or for some hosts fear mongering the Russian story. the young turks /tyt have a diverse hosts that did not support Clinton and do not believe in the Russian fear mongering. Discussing how this is the reason the young turks /tyt is to be trusted cause they do not just try to push one view point. they try to get all view points of people. They let there reporters do the stories they want to do and never tell them that they cant
have a certain view point. How they encourage there reporters to challenge the government.How some of the most trusted progressives news hosts like jimmy dore or jordan charton
who are very popular with the hard core progressive movement work for tyt. We should not disregard a certain news origination because you dont believe in a few of there staff but realize that there is many different people who you do trust and tyt gives those people the biggest platform on you tube and social media. The young turks / tyt is a great progressive news organization and all progressives should trust them and thank them for what they do for the movement. discussing how justice democrats are to be trusted even though tyt and secular talk are part of it. and we should be so lucky that tyt and secular talk took time to come up with
the justice democrats

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