Word of Mouth and Charity

Posted 3 years ago

I have always been a giver. I believe a great deal of good can be done by helping the right charities. Thus, for my campaign, I refuse to accept most donations directly to me. Instead, anyone who wants to support my campaign should donate to a charity in the name of my campaign. I only ask that it be a charity that does not discriminate.

In today's day and age with all the technology we have, it is ludicrous how much money is spent campaigning by most candidates. According to The Washington Post, the following figures are as of June 30 and include sources like PACs:

$600 million by Hillary Clinton
$296.6 million by Donald Trump
$238.4 million by Bernie Sanders
$163.4 million by Ted Cruz
$159.3 million by Jeb Bush
$127.7 million by Marco Rubio
$76 million by Ben Carson
$49.7 million by John Kasich
$39.8 million by Scott Walker
$32.2 million by Chris Christie
$26.3 million by Carly Fiorina
$22.9 million by Rand Paul
$15.4 million by Rick Perry
$11.6 million by Mike Huckabee
$9.8 million by Bobby Jindal
$9 million by Lindsey Graham
$7.2 million by Martin O'Malley

According to the FEC, the following figures are not inclusive of outside sources such as PACs:
$1.4 million for Gary Johnson
$.9 million for Jill Stein

That is well over a billion dollars that could have gone to better sources such as charities, which could in turn have supported the candidates with thanks and good words. With many of these candidates already having had large following on social media, word of mouth would have cost nothing to gain them momentum.

As for me, just a mere few hundred dollars out of my pocket to "test the waters" as the FEC calls it. And that was to promote posts on social media because I didn't already have a following.

So, think about how you may have donated $10 to your candidate's campaign. Not much, right? What if 100,000 people did that? That's a million dollars that could have gone to charity. Cost to support your candidate on social media? Free posts.


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